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The second phase of SPROUT has a long-term focus on community gardening. SPROUT Gardens focus on organic and aeroponic gardening as alternatives to traditional gardening methods. They provide simple installation and effortless ability to grow food through a lightweight system compared to using soil and bring unlikely sets of neighbors together to cultivate the garden.


In the spirit of mutual aid, the gardens provide fresh fruits and vegetables to the SPROUT Fridges and an opportunity to train farm workers on new technology-driven ways to grow food. Our first gardens launched in Florida City & Homestead.



20220304_182811 Natalie Rowe.jpg

The planned location of our first aeroponic garden in Homestead. It will consist of a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers to distribute to the community.

Florida City Cooking Activity

In Summer 2022, we started an aeroponic garden in Florida City with the Florida City STEM Camp. We concluded the program with a cooking activity with veggies from the garden. The kids made homemade pizzas with their fresh vegetables.

Purchase Your Own Aeroponic Garden

We also offer services such as setting it up for you,

making it very simple to start your garden today.

In partnership with AARP. 

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