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In 2019, 16.1% of residents in Miami-Dade County live with food insecurity. That's equivalent to about 455,710 people.


SPROUT provides necessary resources and develops impactful programs to assist residents within communities with a proactive three-phase approach. The approach addresses social determinants of health & reduces disparities in access to healthy foods.


Our Three-Tier Program

Our Solution


Phase 1:

Food Distribution

The first phase of the program begins with addressing the immediate need for food. Our food distribution program...


Phase 2:

Aeroponic Gardening

The second phase of SPROUT has a long-term focus on community gardening. SPROUT Gardens focus on organic and aeroponic gardening as alternatives to traditional gardening methods.


Phase 3:

Food Education & Career Development

The third phase of SPROUT is the Restaurant Management & Culinary Arts Program (RMCA). The RMCA Program will provide education and training on advance tech gardening, restaurant and culinary arts industries, and develop future professionals from the community interested in the field.

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