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Dedicated to Nurturing Minds & Bodies

At Sprout's Nourish & Flourish program, we bridge the gap between wholesome foods and diverse artistic mediums, offering children a unique space to grow, create, and thrive. Enriching sessions, hands-on experiences, and dedicated facilitation ensure each child embarks on a journey of health and imagination.

Program Goals


High-Quality Education

Offer top-tier nutrition and arts education to our program participants, ensuring they are well-rounded in their knowledge and skills.


Promote Nutritional Equality

Actively work to reduce the disparities in access to wholesome, healthy foods within the community.


Diverse Art Exposure

Introduce our participants to a vast array of art mediums, stimulating creativity and broadening horizons.

Service Solutions


Guided by seasoned facilitators, our program seamlessly integrates Social Emotional Learning techniques, placing a paramount emphasis on nurturing self-esteem. Dive into a space where expertise meets genuine care, ensuring each participant's holistic development.


Tackling food inequity head-on, our program invites participants into the sustainable realm of aeroponic gardening. Dive into a world of delectable, yet healthful recipes, and as an added perk, participants get to bring home a taste of their learning with recipe samples!


Our multi-disciplinary approach ensures engaging, hands-on experiences for every participant. Coupled with dedicated encouragement and guidance, we aim to nurture and ignite the creative spark in every young artist.


The enrichment services fees vary. Anyone interested in learning more should contact Leahna McCartney. 

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